This issue provides information about innovations and practical advices for the pharmaceutical industry.
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This issue provides information about innovations as well as practical advices for
the pharmaceutical industry. As usual JUMO offers individual solutions for your requirements – with maximum efficiency and excellent plant availability.
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Achema 2018: Save the date!

The next ACHEMA, the leading international
trade fair for the process industry, takes place
in Frankfurt/Main from June 11-15, 2018. Interested? Here you can already reserve your entry voucher today.
It is worth your while to stop by our booth.

Seamless QA Documentation over the Entire Life Cycle

JUMO digiLine
JUMO digiLine sensors in combination with the digital sensor management allow flexible solutions for almost every application. JUMO DSM makes documenting sensor and measuring point data even easier.
Discover the new possibilities for the applications in the pharmaceutical industry!

JUMO tecLine HY – Hygienic and Long-Term Stability

JUMO tecline HY
Reliable and stable measured values – even after CIP cleaning and on-site sterilization processes with temperatures of up to 135 °C as well as pressures of up to 6 bar – are possible! Also available as a digital version with reusable electronics.

Hygienic Thermowells for RTD Temperature Probes

Hydienc Thermowells
Use hygienic thermowells to improve the process safety and to eliminate process failures!
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