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New Digital Sensors for Acquiring Water Disinfection Measurands

JUMO digiLine
JUMO digiLine network continues to grow! New additions to the product range are sensor variants for the most important parameters in water disinfection such as free chlorine, total chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, bromine, and peracetic acid.

Bottling of Beverages with IO-Link Sensors

Flaschenabfüllung mit IO-Link Sensoren
Speed plays an important role when filling beverages. Long plant downtimes now belong
to the past! The new JUMO temperature and pressure sensors with IO-Link – JUMO dTRANS T1000 and JUMO dTRANS p35 – help to efficiently increase plant availability.

JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 Fulfills FDA Requirements

JUMO LOGOSCREEN 600 combines JUMO's many years of paperless recorder experience with a new control and visualization concept. The device is now available with FDA compliant data recording and manipulation detection.

A Complete Portfolio for the Beverage Industry

In the newly revised brochure for beverage technology we depict the most important processes in this area and point out which measurands are used. We will also gladly assist you with the development of new products to expand your own market leadership.

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